Hi! My name is Alexander Bath and I'm a freelance web designer and full stack web developer based in Adelaide, Australia.

I am extremely passionate about clean, concise design, ease of use, and staying at the cutting edge of modern development and design practices.

Interested in working with me? Send me an email at hi@alexanderbath.com.au


Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days where your website was only viewed on a desktop. These days, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and over half of website views are on a smartphone - so it's important that your website provides a great experience on all screen sizes.

Not only do I believe that a website should look and function great on the desktop, tablet, and mobile, but I also believe that the content should be tailored for the device at hand - providing all of the information they need, and not ruining the user experience with information that they don't.

Content Management Systems

Websites built with a Content Management System (CMS) allow you to make changes to the content of your own website without having to pay a designer or developer - it's in your hands!

There are a number of Content Management Systems available such as Wordpress or Craft, or a bespoke system can be built exactly to your needs. Deciding on what system is best for your website or project is all part of the process!

Cloud App Development

I cut my teeth in software developing large commerical database driven cloud applications. The sky is the limit - I love a challenge and I would love to hear your ideas and concepts that will be the IT foundation of your business.

Order Tracking, booking management software, e-commerce, cloud based databases.. anything is possible.

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